Monday, February 5, 2007

Why wedding ring should put on the fourth finger??

Why wedding ring should put on the fourth finger??

Thumb represents parents
Second finger represents brothers & sisters
Center finger represents own self
Fourth finger represents your partner
Last finger represents your children
Really interesting

Why wedding ring should put on the fourth finger??
Pls follow the below step, really god made this a miracle (this is from a Chinese excerpt)

Firstly, show your palm, center finger bend and put together back to back Secondly, the rest 4 fingers tips to tips

Game begins....follow the below arrangement,
5 finger but only 1 pair can split.

Try to open your thumb, the thumb represents parents, it can be open because all human does go thru sick and dead. Which are our parents will leave us one day.

Please close up your thumb, then open your second finger, the finger represent brothers and sisters, they do have their own family which is too they will leave us too.

Now close up your second finger, open up your little finger, this represent your children. Sooner or later they too will leave us for they got they own living to live.

Nevertheless, close up your little finger, try to open your fourth finger which we put our wedding ring; you will be surprise to find that it cannot be open at all. Because it represent husband and wife, this whole life you will be attach to each other.

Real love will stick together ever and forever. . ......... keep smiling


Samir said...

Hi Hemant,

I thought the middle & fourth finger moved together because they share a flexor muscle! & not because you and your spouse's life is there on your fingers!

This post does not suit any logical modern person's intellect. It is very nice to relate anything to anything and put a meaning to it. This way we should still believe that the Sun goes around the Earth because we see It moving in the sky and not the Earth!

These are things which only allow some other people to make money through astrology, palmistry and other such things. And I hope people stop bringing GOD into the picture for such MANMADE conventions.

By the way what do u say to the fact that all over the world the middle finger means something else...???

Anonymous said...

I was trying to see if there is any logical reason for ring to be placed in a particular finger.

May be it is purely practical view point – since the finger does not open so much and when it opens, it also has supporting fingers. Therefore, if you place anything in (or rather around) this finger chance of its slipping out of would be less.
We tie a knot to remember something on the index finger – the finger is seen quickly
If you want to make obscene gesture – have it longest – the middle finger.
Feeling uncomfortable – want to attend call of nature – not a nice thing to say in public – indicate with smallest one.

But I will also check with some other reference.

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